As long as there has been Kamloops, there has been a community food system.  This food system has experienced changes over time as our community has changed.  The Kamloops food system will continue to evolve.

The Kamloops Food Policy Council has an interest in fostering a sustainable food system for our community.  Documenting a previous community food system can inform our future decisions as individuals and groups and can provide support to the development of policies in the community that will strengthen our local food system.  The year, 1948, has been selected because it is still within the memories of many Kamloops residents.  In addition, air photos of the Kamloops area are available for that year. 

This website, and the food system map within it, are being developed by volunteers.  Please review the map, then use the contact form to tell us of places you remember that we need to add to the map. 

We are early in the development of this project.  Our project plan gives an indication of our vision for this project.

 If you are interested in downloading in compressed format the large orthophoto showing Kamloops in 1948, click here.

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