Project Info

This project is an initiative of the Fraser Basin Council, a member of the Kamloops Food Policy Council, with assistance from the Kamloops Museum and Archives.  Our project team is a small volunteer team of geographers and planners with a passion to foster a more resilient and sustainable community.

This project is being undertaken in three phases:

Phase 1 - Organizational Phase

This phase is now completed.  During this phase, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • the partnership was formed and volunteers recruited.  
  • Project outcomes were defined.  
  • this initial website was established at a temporary url
  • an initial group of food system assets were identified using archival research
  • GIS and Google Maps applications were tested and an initial Google "mashup" added to the website.
  • 1948 aerial photography of Kamloops in digital format was obtained from the Geography Library at UBC.  
  • initial interviews were undertaken with some seniors to confirm community support and interest.
  • funding opportunites  have been researched and proposals have been made to support subsequent phases.  
  • Dave Whiting, the Project Coordinator, was interviewed about the project on CBC Radio and by the Kamloops Daily News.

Phase 2 - Map Development Phase

This phase will build on the experience and outcomes of Phase 1 and will:

  • create a continuous photo base of 1948 aerial photography using a Geographical Information System (GIS) to create a project base map
  • identify and map agricultural areas such as orchards and market gardens using air photo interpretation
  • undertake further archival research of food system assets using the resources of the Kamloops Museum and Archives
  • using the initial 1948 map as a "starting point for discussion", interview seniors who remember the Kamloops of 1948 to identify and map additional food system assets.
  • using a display at the Kamloops Farmers Market, solicit input from community members on Kamloops food system assets of 1948
  • map identified food system assets using the GIS and create a map layer to display assets in Google Map in website.
  • distribute GIS files and base map to City of Kamloops GIS Department and share link to website with partners.
  • hold a press conference to announce the completion of the Food System Map of 1948 and demonstrate the online map.

Phase 3 - Public Education and Enhancement Phase

This phase will continue to move the project forward by:

  • in partnership with local elementary and secondary school teachers, developing a Teaching Resource Kit to be used in elementary and secondary classrooms.  Learning activities using the online mapping will be developed on themes associated with community food systems, Kamloops history, agriculture and community development.
  • continuing to update the map as new information continues to be provided through the web page and community contacts

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